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PostPosted: Mon May 03, 2010 5:46 am 
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Rather than make yet another slideshow or montage of an image-processed image, I thought I'd set myself the challenge of making a short animation in which the images seemed to be made by an artist working in a studio. (For this, I returned to and then developed an idea I first tried when I used 'Tales Animator' to make a movie which was subsequently edited in Artoonix to become 'Who's the artist?').

As it turned out, this proved to be a very interesting little challenge in several ways because it showed just how easy it is to use multiple layers in Artoonix and also how simple it can be to make effective use of tweening when combined with changes in opacity settings.

Although the end result is just a smidgin' over 70 seconds, there is a lot going on.

Working on and off, the whole thing took just over a day and a half to make, including the time when I suddenly realised it was better to have the outside view and the paintpots changing before the artist 'did her thing'. That meant a lot of tricky deletions and the re-making of 5 sections, but I was much happier with the revised result and it taught me not to ignore the golden rule ----- plan your ideas before you start work!!!

As I said at the start - the basic idea of using an artist and an easel is one I tried before. The basic principle is one that appeals to me as the basis for setting myself challenges. It's a very useful approach for anyone who wants to try experimenting with layers and opacity ---> the challenge is to change what is seen 'on the easel' whilst something else is seen, or something else happens, in the world around the easel. The added challenge, of course, when working with layers in this way, is to make sure that the one area of activity (the easel) and the other area of activity (the artist's studio) don't interact or interefere with each other. This very nearly did happen with 'The nature of inspiration' but the unwanted effect was easily removed by partially erasing small sections of two layers.

There are all sorts of variations you could try with this basic idea ... reflections in a window ... something happen on a television screen ... something being watched on a cinema screen ... something happening on the other side of an open door ... a panel of illustration(s) on the page(s) of a book. (That last idea is also one I have used a couple of times) ... etc. etc. etc.

Working on this project gave me an idea for another one which will set a whole new level of challenge, but that will need to be storyboarded very carefully before I begin, so I don't think anything is likely to be made or uploaded for quite some time.

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