Mix-down sound levels and ease of creating clipping
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Author:  KayNine [ Sat Jul 04, 2009 4:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Mix-down sound levels and ease of creating clipping

I have often commented on the ease with which the sound options and functions in Artoonix make the process of synchronising sound with movement REALLY easy and interesting.

But after having done this in a great many projects, I have consistently noticed two specific areas of weakness:

(1) When creating a mixdown of tracks, the resulting level drops. I have noticed this a lot recently after recording voice-overs for projects based on poetry. I have resorted to processing my original recordings with Power Sound Editor (Free) so as to boost treble and amplification - but even when these are exactly as I want them such that they play well in Artoonix clearly and without distortion, if I then export them via Artoonix as part of a mixdown, the entire volume level drops quite alarmingly ..... which brings me to the other area of weakness ...

(2) When using LEVEL CHANGE it is frighteningly easy to create clipping and distortion and to end up with a very rough soundtrack indeed. I get round this by using either the volume functions in WAVOSAUR or the 'amplify' effect in POWER SOUND EDITOR (FREE). but this involves a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between the programs.

Other users will use their own preferred programs such as Audacity or any one of several other excellent sound-processors --- but it would be much better if the sound controls in Artoonix could be tweaked.

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