For some image manipulation tasks, Artoonix rivals Photoshop
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Author:  KayNine [ Sun Jul 07, 2013 11:59 am ]
Post subject:  For some image manipulation tasks, Artoonix rivals Photoshop

One of my most frequent comments about Artoonix is its amazing value as a way to manipulate images.

I have just uploaded a short extract from the start of a complex Youtube upload. This brief example is enough to demonstrate exactly what I mean. ... 20edit.avi

The first image is of a young girl standing behind a window looking out at the garden. (She's my gradaughter and this is one of my favourite photos of her).

Artoonix was perfect for removing the garden and inserting a snowman and snow-garden scene. The trickiest parts were where the girl's hair flares out at the sides. All the rest was easy.

I thus used Artoonix to create a second image which was of such high quality that I was also able to use it for printing onto a large canvas along with a long poem that was added at the side. (An abbreviated and redrafted version of this poem was used in the main Youtube upload).

As can be seen in the full Youtube upload, I also used several other images for the 'other side' of the window.

So - if you want a powerful image editor and image manipulator, I strongly recommend that you experiment with Artoonix.
It won't replace software as powerful as Photoshop, but for a few tasks like those I used here, it is as good and - I believe - even better.

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