Moving on from Artoonix (Updated with new suggestion)
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Author:  KayNine [ Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  Moving on from Artoonix (Updated with new suggestion)

This is my original post but I have now added a new updated comment

If you've used Artoonix for a long time and are familiar with the process of frame-by-frame animation, but you now want to move onto a more professional level of animation, have a look at PLASTIC ANIMATION PAPER 4.0 which has now been released in its full, Pro form as FREEWARE.

Do be aware, however, that this is a very professional package and will take quite a long time to learn - but just as with CREATOON, the developers have left everything available and online. There are tutorials, resource files, a gallery and lots of other things all accessible via the above download page.

If you also visit the CALICO MONKEY website and scroll down the page, you'll find a set of uploaded comments and links which all focus upon PAP 4.0 ... p#comments

Remember - PAP is excellent but is a big step up from Artoonix. Are you ready for it ?????

---------------------------- UPDATE (Oct 2017)----------------------------

Have a look at the GNU freeware program OPENTOONZ at --

This is a much more complex program than Artoonix, but once you've grasped the basics of frame-by-frame animation (for which Artoonix is virtually perfect), it isn't hard to understand the ways in which OpenToonz works. You can use it at a very simple level and move forwards into highly sophisticated levels of manipulation and working. There are a wealth of good tutorials on YouTube but I especially recommend a short set by Jayanam. Start with this one ..

Perhaps the best set of tutorials are by Jeremy Bullock. Check out his playlist channel at .. ... jLQ3_Ws54g

For later explorations, I recommend the OpenToonz Taining channel at .. ... CvsxUkBZRA

There is now a downloadable pdf manual in English at -- ... ntoonz.pdf

Don't expect to understand or use OpenToonz as fast as you can get into Artoonix - but I assure you that this is an amazing FREE resource of immense power and possibility. You can find out its origins in the field of Japanese animation if you go looking for it. But as a brief intro, I copied this from a Wiki ... "..OpenToonz is a 2D animation program released on March 26, 2016, as a free, open source version of the Toonz software used by professional animation studios such as Studio Ghibli. The learning curve is high, which is why a centralized compendium of knowledge on the subject is useful for those who would like to use it..."

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