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Author:  bernarjd [ Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:20 pm ]
Post subject:  making movie-saving to desktop-missing

I have artoonix movie files and want to save them to desktop (or documents). How do I do that? I understand one is suppose to have XDIV codec to make movie. Such is not in my files. Movie is made and shows in artoonix. Once saved to desktop I can export to web site. How do I do that directly from artoonix? Also seem to have an issue selecting specific items during editing in artoonix. How is one suppose to select a specific object in artoonix?

Author:  KayNine [ Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: making movie-saving to desktop-missing

Codecs such as Xvid and DivX can be found just by searching for them as free downloads. In my experience, DivX gives far better results when rendering, and also smaller file sizes.


You can't export into, say, the Artoonix gallery direct from Artoonix itself.
The process is very simple. (To start with, I'll assume you want to upload into the submissions gallery and that your file size is less than the limit of 4mb).
(1) - In the main screen of Artoonix, in Options/Movie, choose the codec you want to use.
(2) - Also in the main screen of Artoonix where all your projects are shown, right click on the one you want to render and then choose either 'create movie' or 'Export to animated gif/Macromedia Flash', depending on your preference.
(3) - The movie is then rendered and (unless you have altered the default) is placed inside the dedicated folder as created when installing the program in the first place. In my case that is Documents and settings/Owner/ My documents/Artoonix/Movies
(4) - THAT is where you access the movie for uploading into the gallery.
(5) - TIP - if you do want to upload into the gallery, create a jpg image of a typical frame for use as an icon. The upload(s) are then all done very easily when uploading into the Submissions gallery.

IF YOU'RE UPLOADING TO YOUTUBE - Simply use the same access method as at (4)


To select items in the frame editor, EITHER make sure the 'simple transform' icon has been clicked on the menu bar and then simply click on an item inside the frame or hold down CTRL to click on more than one ... OR ... select the item(s) in the 'Objects' column

Hope some of that helps.

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