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Tutorial "Pony"

Pretty pony Pretty pony wants to play. Here we will show how to create a simple animated film in ARTOONIX. The purpose is to demonstrate all the stages of the project from conceptual idea to the complete animation while learning the basics of techniques and tools available.

1. Concept

Before you start, you need to decide what you want to animate - the plot, how the characters will look like, style, etc. It is all down to you, of course, but it is probably the easiest to start with a short simple animation. Let's say you want to animate a pony like this:


2. Project

Start by creating a New Project for your film:

As a result you will have a new icon "Pony" in the projects list. You can now open it by either double-clicking on this icon or, if it is highlighted, by using the button Edit on the page Projects.

Open the "Pony" project. You have now page Project: Pony open which shows all the tools that you can use to modify it. You can create or modify the video sequence, add sound and preview the resulting film.


3. Frame

Now we can create the video sequence. It is composed of several frames. To create a frame, do this:

You see now a page called Add new frame 1 which has tools for drawing and forming the frame.

The drawing itself can be split into parts that can be moved, turned and scaled together or independently from each other. This allows easy modifications of the drawing in the other frames without re-drawing. For example, our Pony van be split into 8 areas:

To draw such pony, follow these steps:

4. New frames

In this example we will be creating the follow-up frames on the basis of the just created one.

5. Adding sound

We will now go through the process of adding the audio tracks to the Pony project.

At the bottom of your Project: Pony screen there is an audio panel with several tracks. One can either record the sounds from a microphone or other sound source (such as *.wav audio files). Besides, it is also possible to edit each track - cut some parts out, move it to the other place of the same or other track, etc.

We will demonstrate live recording with a microphone. To do it:

  1. Press Show/hide sound recording panel to reveal the audio panel (if it is not already shown)

Let us now insert the sound from an audio file.

  1. Click on the 1-st track someplace around 1 seconds from the beginning (see position counter on draft video preview panel).
  2. Press Import audio from wav-file and select suitable sound (e.g., C:\WINDOWS\Media\tada.wav). You will see something like this:

Let us use the second track and imitate "echo" effect.

  1. Select with your mouse part of the track 1 like shown below.

6. View the animation

To view the complete animation film you have just created, do this steps:

  1. Click the icon of the Pony project to select it.
  2. Click the button Movie. The movie will be encoded (using the settings that you have set in the program options). Click the same button again to view it.

    The movie will only be encoded if there have been changes made to the project. If it is not the first time that movie is created, you will be asked if you want to do it.

    Use the buttons to control playing the film. .

  3. Click button Back... to go back to the Animation projects view.
  4. To export the movie into GIF file - use the right-click pop-up menu in this view.


You can view the complete animation here.
As you can see, it is very easy to create simple animations in Artoonix.
Start experimenting yourself, and, most importantly, have fun!