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To make an 8-minute cartoon with drawings, you would need: 7,000 sheets of paper or celluloid, 150 sheets of cardboard to paint backgrounds, 50 felt-tip pens, 10 quill pens, 50 pencils, five erasers, 20 brushes, 2.5 gallons of paint, 1/2 pint of ink.    And a spare year of your life. Or...

You can use Artoonix and finish it in days!

Artoonix is a simple to use yet powerful software to create cartoons or animated movies. Animate the still pictures or drawings, import them from movies and series of photos, add your own sounds or insert music clips. Try out your creativity and then show the results to your friends or family.

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Artoonix features

paint Draw the pictures or import them from files. You can import both still pictures (in almost any existing format - JPEG, GIF, BMP, WMF... even transparency information is preserved) or from series of frames from any movie you have (avi, animated GIF's). Easily adjust colors* of the objects, create your own palettes*, invert, rotate them any way you want with a single mouse click.

animate Animate your own drawings or imported objects from other sources using traditional animation tools. Artoonix has a frame-based editor so you can performed detailed modifications, while multi-object multi-frame functions and automated frame tweening* for increased productivity. There are also "Distort" and "Warp" object transformations functions to facilitate fluid movements in the animations.

sound Record sounds with your microphone or insert soundtrack from any audio file (WAV, MP3). There is an advanced multi-track sound editor to achieve the best sound for your animations and movies. Add sound effects to your animations (fade in and out, change levels and speed, mix various tracks) and you can even export them as stand-alone music files.

share Export your animation into high-quality movie files (e.g. into an .avi file with your favourite compression codec), Flash SWF or an animated GIF files for easy web publishing, e-mailing, use as your mobile phone wallpaper... You can also publish your works here in artoonix Gallery.


* in registered version only


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